Nickelodeon's series Invader Zim has a pilot episode, 27 completed episodes, and several others that weren't complete at the time of the series' cancellation. As of August 19, 2006, all 27 episodes have aired. Most episodes are split into 2, each lasting half an episode. There are eight full length episodes.


Season Eps. Originally
List of Invader Zim DVD's release date
Region 1
1 36 2001-2002 100 May 11, 2004 (V1)
August 31, 2004 (V2)
2 10 2002; 2006 200 October 12, 2004(V3) TBA TBA

Season 1: 2001-2002

Season 2: 2002 & 2006

DVD Episodes

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Unfinished Episodes

All episodes after "The Frycook What Came from All That Space" were scrapped in mid-production. A handful of recordings by the series voice cast exist for some of these unfinished episodes, and the scripts for many can now be found on fansites on the web. Most of this material was also released with the Invader Zim 'house' DVD box set as a special edition disc. Jhonen stated in the audio commentary that had the show continued, it would have leaned more towards a sci-fi styled show, with more space battles along the lines of Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars.

Title Episode Notes Production Number
"Roboparents Gone Wild" Zim's Roboparents become aggressive parental figures. Zim is deemed "naughty" and is cast out of the house. The Roboparents take in an escaped zoo monster named Dinky as their new son, and Zim must team up with a hobo to reclaim his base.
  • The Hobo is the same one from "Gaz, Taster of Pork"
"Simon Says Doom" Mr. Elliot, Gaz's teacher, is running an orphanage care program. Zim agrees willingly to help out, which puzzles Dib. Dib immediately expects Zim to have some deeper motive, and decides to thwart whatever plan Zim's coming up with. Zim learns of the kids' game "Simon Says" while working with the orphans, and starts using the game for evil. His last command is "Simon says destroy everything!" Dib goes off to stop the raging kids. As it turns out, Zim really has his sights set on an "atomic diaper-changing machine", which he plans to make explode. Dib now has to either stop Zim or the raging orphans, and in his confusion, Mr. Elliot gives him detention for not watching the diaper machine. In the end, it turns out that Zim's plan all along was to confuse Dib into getting detention. 27B
"Invader Poonchy" Zim attempts to distract Dib from him by making it seem as though their classmate Poonchy is also an Irken Invader. 28A
"Nubs of Doom" Zim and Gir are disguised as clowns, and Gir starts going crazy and ruins the disguise. Disgusted by Gir's continuous failures, Zim decides to create a new assistant, employing Vortian weaponry obtained through Prisoner 777. Zim creates his new assistant/sidekick, a purple floating moose-creature which he dubs 'Minimoose'. After testing, he brings Minimoose into the field to battle Dib, only to realise in horror that he hasn't tested the weaponry, and he can't figure out how to use it. He goes home, declaring minimoose a failure. He hands Minimoose to Gir who pulls on his 'nubs' (legs) activating his weaponry and destroying Zim's base. 28B
"10 Minutes to Doom" Zim is in the schoolyard, walking home, when Torque throws a ball at him. This dislodges his Pak, which Dib quickly runs off with. Zim then tries to get it back, pursuing Dib, as it is revealed that an Invader can only survive 10 minutes without the Pak before dying. For the whole episode, a countdown is shown in the corner of the screen. Zim locates Dib by asking a 'skool' security guard to help. The security guard then finds Dib by using the tracking devices placed on every student.

Dib tries to get to Professor Membrane's lab to have him experiment on the Pak, with Zim chasing after him. Dib tricks Torque into attacking Zim, telling him that Zim called him a dookie-weenie. The three of them chase but eventually lose each other, with Dib escaping on a bus and Zim hiding from Torque in a sumo-wrestler's fat.At this point, Zim's Pak has attached itself to Dib as a new host, which begins to make Dib more like Zim. The two of them race to Membrane's lab, with Zim tricking Gaz into letting him ride on the back of her motorcycle (by stealing her Game-Slave and telling her Dib did it).Eventually they arrive, Membrane removes the Pak, and it is then taken by Zim, who places it back on himself at the last second.

  • Jhonen Vasquez planned for Zim to actually die in this episode due to the series' upcoming cancellation, finding it to be a convenient end, but Nickelodeon didn't allow it in case they decided to bring the show back.
"GIR's Big Day" GIR is captured by some scientists for experimentation.
  • A script for this episode was never completed/written.
"The Return of Keef" Dib is in the school yard watching a child whom he thinks is a werewolf. Zim then appears and splashes Dib with a liquid that makes anyone happy explode. Not being incredibly happy (having just been drenched in goo) Dib's head does not explode, and Zim walks off. Keef then shows up and compliments Dib on his friendship with Zim, and finding out they are not friends, tries to bring them together. Fed up with Keef, Zim formulate a plan to get rid of him. They invite him to a restaurant and splash him with the happy-exploding juice. They then hug to make Keef really happy and he explodes, before reforming and fainting, with Zim commenting he'll be out cold for a few weeks. 31A
"Day of da Spookies" Dib is in class, giving a presentation on slug people, when he is horribly mocked by Zim and the other students. In a fit of rage, Dib tells the class everything he knows about Irkens. They don't notice, but the information shocks Zim, and he is clearly afraid of how much Dib knows.

Back at his base, Zim plans to ridicule Dib in front of the entire parascience community, in hopes of having him give up on paranormal investigation. Invader Skoodge then reveals that, since Blorch (and presumably Hobo 13), he has been living in Zim's basement. Infuriated by Skoodge's success, he refuses help and goes off with Gir and Minimoose. Their first plan (knocking on Dib's front door and declaring themselves to be 'bigfeets') fails, and they return to the base to plan another one. They make a set of ghost suits and leave again. In Dib's room, they cause chaos until he agrees to call up Mysterious Mysteries and have them appear on live TV. Mysterious Mysteries first sends in a specialist to confirm that they really are ghosts. As this could ruin their plan, Zim gets Gir and Minimoose to attack the specialist and launch him into space, before replacing him with Skoodge.

Skoodge then tests the three with various trials, such as their dancing abilities, before declaring them aliens. The news crews then arrive, at which point Minimoose and Gir cast off their disguises to reveal their true forms. Zim tries to, but the suit malfunctions and keeps him in costume. Thinking that Zim is a real ghost, the Mysteries group grab Zim and carry him away to be tested. They then place Dib in a bucket of rats for lying about there being three ghosts.

  • The script for the episode [1]
"Mopiness of Doom" Dib gives up on the paranormal to study real science like his father. Zim becomes bored with no arch nemesis, and Dib is unhappy with his new life. The two realise how much they need each other and promise to keep fighting till the end. 32A
"Those!" Zim attempts to take over the world with giant ants.
  • A script for this episode was never completed/written.
  • The title of this episode is a reference to Them!.
"Top of the Line" The Almighty Tallest hold a contest to find the greatest SIR unit, and Gir makes it into the finalists. Tak was scheduled to appear as the main villain, sabotaging the SIR units.
  • The final script for this episode has not yet been recovered from Nickelodeon|, though it was completed.
"The Trial" Zim is put on trial by the Almighty Tallest for everything he's done to Irk in his life.
  • Several designs of this unfinished episode including Almighty Tallest Miyuki and Almighty Tallest Spork can be found at [2]
"It Feeds on Noodles" Zim becomes a vampire that must feed on Chinese food, with chopsticks for fangs.
  • A script for this episode was never completed/written.
"Pants! (When Pants Ruled!)" Zim attempts to take over the world with mind-controlling pants.
  • A script for this episode was never completed/written
"Squishy: Hugger of Worlds" An enormous creature called Squishy that destroys planets by hugging them finds Earth.
  • A script for this episode was to be co written by Rosearik Rikki Simons, but was never completed.
"Untitled Season Finale (1)"

The two-part season finale was supposed to deal with Invader Tenn being captured by The Resisty and the rest of the Irken army attempting to save her.

"Untitled Season Finale (2)" 40
"Invader Dib"