Ciara Bravo

Ciara with her new dog Molly

Ciara with her dog Molly
Ciara Quinn Bravo
18 March 1997 (1997-Template:Pad2digit-Template:Pad2digit) (age 22)
Alexandria, Kentucky, U.S.
Actor, Musician, Singer
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Nickelodeon Records(USA)
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Ciara Quinn Bravo (born March 18, 1997) is an American child actress who is best known for her role as Katie Knight on Big Time Rush, Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?, Die Hard 4 as a background child and Washed Up.

Personal life

Ciara was born, raised, and resides in Alexandria, Kentucky with her family.

Acting career

Bravo's career started at the age of 9, after attending the Mike Beaty Model and Talent Expo in Dallas, Texas. Here she was discovered by Bryan Leder and Frederick Levy of Management 101. This led to several voice overs for Disney Schoolhouse playing Chloe in Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?, an appearance in the Natasha Bedingfield music video "Love Like This", and several commercials. During 2008, she continued pursuing auditions and acted in several local commercials for Newport Aquarium and made a short appearance as an Italian girl in the hit film Angels & Demons.

Following on from these initial small successes, a much bigger success was landed in 2009. Having acted in two short films Lost Sheep a.k.a. The Cafeteria and Washed Up, her single audition tape proved enough to earn a three year contract with Nickelodeon for a part in the hit television series, Big Time Rush.


Year Film Role Act In Notes
2008 Can You Teach My Alligator Manners? Extra Animation Short Film Additional Voices
April 6'2009 Special Agent Oso Sarah (voice) TV Series Guest
"View to a Book/Diamonds Are for Kites"(#1.4)
2009 The Cafeteria Caroline Short Film
2009 Washed Up Sarah Comedy Short
2010 Open Season 3 Giselita (voice) Animation Film
2009–present Big Time Rush Katie TV Series "Main Role"(This is Ciara 1st)
March 29 2011 Happiness Is a Warm Blanket,
Charlie Brown
Patty Short Tv Movie It only a 46 mins film
Nov. 24, 2011 Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Peaches Fox Tv Movie
Dec. 1'2011 My Dog's Christmas Miracle Heather Comedy Video Coming to DVD (I Think)
January 16 2012 The Penguins of Madagascar Hunter (voice) Tv Series Guest Voice in Episode 110
"Operation: Antarctica"
April ?? 2012 Big Time Movie Katie Knight Movie "She Act as a Princess"
March 16 2013 Supah Ninjas Kylie Tv Series Guest as a Evil Cheerleader
August 24 2013 Swindle Melissa TV Movie
November 29 2013 Jinxed Meg Murphy TV Movie

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